About ACBN

In 2010, ACBN, was placed in the top 1% of all US mortgage bankers in terms of stability by a top independent national auditing firm. ACBN currently underwrites and funds for more than 10 major banks and can broker to more than 25 additional lenders. This unique relationship allows us to originate many different types of loans that other lenders are not able to do. Furthermore, our staffs of Home Loan Specialists are all professionally certified with the new 2011 Federal and State NMLS and DRE license requirements. With all of the mortgage options available today, you need a Home Mortgage company that can assist you in finding the right mortgage to fit your needs. Our teams of Pacific Shores Financial Mortgage specialists are here to help you find the perfect financing for your home at the best rates available!

It is important that you have a person to talk to that can answer your questions in regards to the complex process of obtaining a home loan. Let’s face it, obtaining a home loan is not necessarily a fun thing, but at Pacific Shores Financial Home Loans we can make it a painless thing. Why make the process stressful and overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be! Let the Pacific Shores Financial Mortgage Specialists provide you with the peace of mind you deserve when purchasing or refinancing a home. Whether you are a first time homebuyer or looking to refinance an existing home loan, our Pacific Shores Financial home mortgage experts have got you covered. We are with you during the entire transaction to make sure you feel comfortable and stress-free.

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